Audi ABT RS7-R Revealed With 730bhp

Take a look at the Audi ABT RS7-R. This is a 730bhp, 199mph version of the Audi RS 7 Sportback. With an uprated turbocharger and intercooler system as well as a revised exhaust system, there is an increase of 138bhp over the standard model, plus a 120Nm increase in torque. Top...
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BMW Continues Development Of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle With Toyota

BMW confirms it will continue with the development of hydrogen powered cars as part of a collaboration with Toyota. Combining a hydrogen fuel cell with BMW’s new eDrive electric unit, the brand plans to test its next generation powertrain in prototype X5 in 2022. This is called...
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Apple CarKey

BMW Could Be The First Manufacturer To Support Apple CarKey

BMW could be the first manufacturer to received Apple CarKey. This technology allows owners to unlock their vehicle using an iPhone. The Apple CarKey feature was first unearthed in Apple’s iOS 13.4 software, released in February 2020. However, this feature would only work for...
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Top 10 Best Selling Cars in the UK 2020

Ford Fiesta  = 9,210 registrations Ford Focus = 8,051 registrations Volkswagen Golf = 7,484 registrations Vauxhall Corsa = 6,244 registrations Nissan Qashqai = 5,901 registrations Mercedes-Benz A-Class = 4,862 registrations Vauxhall Grandland X = 3,801 registrations Volkswagen...
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Volkswagen Grill

VW Roll Out Augmented Reality Headsets For Van Technicians

In order to speed up complex repair work and to save customers 5 years of downtime (equal to £1M.), Volkswagen rolls out augmented reality headsets for Van Technicians across its UK van network. This technology allows experts based at its Technical Support Centre to send precise...
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Mercedes-Benz Online Showroom

Mercedes-Benz UK Launches New Online Showroom

Mercedes-Benz have launched a new online showroom to make car shopping easier. Website features: A live stock locator with a filtered location. The capability to run finance quotes, which includes the retailer’s best offer on a specific car. Allowing customers to compare...
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car fleet

Freeway Introduces AI Software To Reduce Fleet Downtime

Aiming to simplify fleet management, Freeway Fleet Systems have developed smart software, which uses artificial intelligence, to predict the type and quantity of parts needed to maintain a fleet. This software learns from historic data and calculates the future stock level...
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An Exciting Future

As you may be aware, there are more electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads than ever before. In fact, there are 34 new plug-in vehicles due to launch in 2020. 23 of which are new battery electric vehicles (BEVs), 10 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and 1 fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV)....
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Driver habits

Top 10 Worst Driving Habits

Click4Reg carried out a survey with UK drivers to see what the most irritating driving habits are. Not indicating – 55% Leaving full beams on – 52% Driving 10mph below the speed limit – 41% Tailgating – 40% Last minute lane mergers and lane switchers...
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most trusted car brand mercedes

Most Trustworthy Car Brands by CarGurus

The most trusted car brand is Mercedes-Benz, followed by Audi and Ford. These manufacturers were graded of integrity, transparency, genuineness, social conscience and reliability. Mercedes-Benz Audi Ford Toyota Volvo BMW KIA Vauxhall Mini Honda Volkswagen Tesla Nissan Land Rover...
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