Bugatti Chiron breaks record

Bugatti Chiron Reaches Top Speed Of 304.774mph

Bugatti becoming the first manufacturer to break the 300mph barrier, this Bugatti Chiron reached a top speed of 304.774mph at Ehara-Lessien in Germany. This car has been modified with an upgraded ‘near production prototype’ version of the Chiron hyper car. Copyright: AutoExpress...
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Blackest Black BMW X6

One-off BMW X6 Painted In The World’s Blackest Black

This one-off BMW X6 has been painted in ‘Vantablack’, also known as the world’s blackest back and the darkest man made substance in the world. This is the first vehicle in the world to use this material. VBx2 has been used on this BMW X6, which is designed for architectural and...
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career pathway

Just Recieved Your GCSE Results?

Have you recently received your GCSE results but still unsure on what to do next? If so, don’t worry! There are plenty options open to you. Have you considered an apprenticeship? An apprenticeship can advance your career as it gives you the right experience for the role you are...
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Car Vending Machine

Britain’s First Contactless Car Vending Machine

Auto Trader launches Britain’s first contactless car vending machine in London’s Spitalfields Market. Being one of the most searched for electric cars in the country, the vending machine contained a Renault Zoe EV which was provided by Lookers. Data collected from an Auto Trader...
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Renault Trucks AR Headset

Renault Trucks Rolls Out Augmented Reality

In order to speed up maintenance and repairs, Renault Trucks rolls out augmented reality. This new technology is known as Optiview remote mentoring solution for Technicians. The idea of this is that Technicians will use a RealWear HMR-1 headset in conjunction with LibreStream...
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checkered flag

Formula 1 Hungary 2019 Results

  Position Driver Car Laps Points 1 Hamilton Mercedes 70 laps 25 points 2 Verstappen Red Bull Racing Honda 70 laps 19 points 3 Vettel Ferrari 70 laps 15 points 4 Leclerc Ferrari 70 laps 12 points 5 Sainz McLaren Renault 69 laps 10 points 6 Gasly Red Bull Racing Honda 69 laps...
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hyundai badge

Hyundai’s Solar Roof Charging System

Providing vehicles with additional electrical power, Hyundai launches its first car with solar roof charging system. This technology will be rolled out to other Hyundai vehicles in the coming years. Charging whilst driving, the solar technology can charge 30%-60% of the battery...
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95% Of Apprentices Remain With Employer After Training Period

Data from the National Franchised Dealers Association shows that 95% of apprentices remain with the same company if they received a job offer after their training period. A poll delivered by ‘Drive My Career’ shows that 95% of 16-24 year olds responded ‘yes’ to the following...
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Citroen C1

Citroen’s Free Insurance Deal on C1

Citroen UK have announced one year’s free insurance on their C1 car. This applies to customers over 18 years of age. Customers must register a brand new C1 with retailers between 1st July – 30th September. By providing a safe and more reliable new car, Citroen are hoping to...
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Uber and Volvo

Volvo and Uber Automation

Enabling autonomous ridesharing without the need for a driver, Volvo and Uber have developed a fully autonomous vehicle. Uber can install their own self-driving system into Volvo’s XC90 SUV key safety features. Main features include several back-up systems for both steering and...
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