Retail Motor Industry

How To Get Into The Retail Motor Industry – Part 1

Are you looking at pursuing a career in the retail motor trade? If so, here is some advice on how to get into the industry. Undoubtedly, the best way to get into the retail motor industry is via an apprenticeship, these are widely available for Service, Parts, Bodyshop and...
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CV Mistakes

Common CV Mistakes

Making a good first impression can be extremely difficult when there are mistakes on your CV. We have put together a list of common mistakes made: Spelling/Grammar/Punctuation Double check for spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes, it is also worth asking for someone else to...
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ferrari P80 - top gear

Ferrari Reveals The One Off P80/C 488 GT3

Ferrari P80 – Top Gear Ferrari reveals the one off P80/C, the best one yet! This is the first to use a racing car as its jumping off point. The car is based on a 488 GT3 chassis making it 50mm longer than the standard 488. Overall, the P80/C is said to be 5% more efficient....
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5 Apprenticeship Myths

5 Apprenticeship Myths

There are many myths about apprenticeships, which push people towards going down the further education route. It is important to think and research about the fantastic career routes from an apprenticeship. Myth 1 – Apprenticeships are for people who don’t do well at school....
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bugatti la voiture noire

Bugatti La Voiture Noire – The Most Expensive Car Ever

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire is the most expensive car ever to be built and was launched at the Geneva Auto Show. It was built to celebrate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary. Overtaking the Rolls-Royce Sweptail (around £8m-£9m), this car was sold to a buyer for at least $11m (£9.5m)...
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Best way to search for a job

Best Way to Search for an Apprenticeship

Are you looking for an apprenticeship? Are you finding irrelevant search results? If so, the reason for this could be an incorrect search. When searching for jobs, it is important to be specific to get the best results. Example You live in Gateshead and you are looking for a...
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Electric Vehicles

Young People Increase Interest in Electric Vehicles

According to data from, there has been a 40% increase in the number of youngsters taking part in electric vehicle driving experiences. There has been a huge increase in electric vehicle driving experiences for young people, some as young as 12! Operations...
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RAC and Euro Car Parts to create “biggest independent garage network in the UK”

RAC and Euro Car Parts to create “the biggest independent garage network in the UK”

                RAC and Euro car parts collaborate to create “the biggest independent garage network in the UK”. The newly created ‘RAC Approved Garages powered by Autofidt Network’ already has 500 garages on board as well as a prediction...
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After apprenticeship

What comes after the completion of my apprenticeship?

So, what comes after the completion of my apprenticeship? After the completion of an apprenticeship, you should have gained knowledge, skills and a nationally recognised qualification in your chosen career. This will help put your foot on the career ladder and progress into your...
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starting your apprenticeship soon

Starting your apprenticeship soon?

Finding out you have the job as an apprentice is an exciting time, however you need to be prepared before your starting date. Here are some tips and advice that will help. Tips and advice: ·        When starting your apprenticeship, you should prepare everything the day/night...
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