Cleasby Engine Services was established in 1947 and we specialise in reconditioning petrol and diesel engines from our modern facility in the outskirts of Durham. In 2017 we took over the business from it's previous owners who had developed a large customer base across the North East. We own Car-Tech Prestige in Hartlepool and having used Cleasby's for many years when we needed engine repairs, we were delighted to get the opportunity to buy the business to serve the needs of modern vehicles.

More About Us

When a customer has a problem with an engine they will remove it from the vehicle and bring it to our workshop in Langley moor.  We strip the engine down and inspect the engine block and all the components.  To identify what repairs or replacements are needed we use a range of engineering machines to repair the engine block or cylinder head before rebuilding the engine with new parts.  Once rebuilt, the engine will be returned to the customer to be replaced in the vehicle it came from.  This job involves you in both mechanical and engineering roles and as technology advances there is always something new to learn.

Our Apprenticeship Programme

NVQ Level 3 Machinist - Advanced manufacturing Engineering. You will attend a local college or training provider where you will be trained how to use precision engineering tools such as lathes, vertical and horizontal milling machines, horizontal and gylinrical grinding machines and multi-axis CNC machines. Upon completion you will be able to accurately measure a wide range of components.


We have no vacancies at this time.


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