Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay Update To Offer Air-con and Seat Control

Apple plans to integrate air-con and seat control functions to its CarPlay interface for compatible vehicles. This new software integration would allow users to adjust their car’s climate-control settings and change their seat position through their device. Bloomberg reported...
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Mercedes-Benz Online Showroom

Mercedes-Benz UK Launches New Online Showroom

Mercedes-Benz have launched a new online showroom to make car shopping easier. Website features: A live stock locator with a filtered location. The capability to run finance quotes, which includes the retailer’s best offer on a specific car. Allowing customers to compare...
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An Exciting Future

As you may be aware, there are more electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads than ever before. In fact, there are 34 new plug-in vehicles due to launch in 2020. 23 of which are new battery electric vehicles (BEVs), 10 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and 1 fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV)....
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most trusted car brand mercedes

Most Trustworthy Car Brands by CarGurus

The most trusted car brand is Mercedes-Benz, followed by Audi and Ford. These manufacturers were graded of integrity, transparency, genuineness, social conscience and reliability. Mercedes-Benz Audi Ford Toyota Volvo BMW KIA Vauxhall Mini Honda Volkswagen Tesla Nissan Land Rover...
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Karma SC2 Concept

1,085bhp Karma SC2 Concept

Powered by an all-electric, all-wheel-drive powertrain, the Karma SC2 Concept has 14,000Nm of torque and can reach 0-60mph in less than 1.9 seconds. A 120kWh lithium-ion battery pack powers the concept, offering 350 miles between charges. The car features push-rod operated...
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Car Vending Machine

Britain’s First Contactless Car Vending Machine

Auto Trader launches Britain’s first contactless car vending machine in London’s Spitalfields Market. Being one of the most searched for electric cars in the country, the vending machine contained a Renault Zoe EV which was provided by Lookers. Data collected from an Auto Trader...
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hyundai badge

Hyundai’s Solar Roof Charging System

Providing vehicles with additional electrical power, Hyundai launches its first car with solar roof charging system. This technology will be rolled out to other Hyundai vehicles in the coming years. Charging whilst driving, the solar technology can charge 30%-60% of the battery...
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ferrari P80 - top gear

Ferrari Reveals The One Off P80/C 488 GT3

Ferrari P80 – Top Gear Ferrari reveals the one off P80/C, the best one yet! This is the first to use a racing car as its jumping off point. The car is based on a 488 GT3 chassis making it 50mm longer than the standard 488. Overall, the P80/C is said to be 5% more efficient....
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Do you wish you had the time to exercise? Wish no more! The first ever calorie-burning car, FitCar PPV, can help you keep fit whilst driving. The FitCar PPV is the brainchild of Nasser Al Shawaf and Dutch engineering partner, BPO. It is based on a standard Audi A4 Avant 2.0L...
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