Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay Update To Offer Air-con and Seat Control

Apple plans to integrate air-con and seat control functions to its CarPlay interface for compatible vehicles. This new software integration would allow users to adjust their car’s climate-control settings and change their seat position through their device. Bloomberg reported...
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Retail Motor Industry

How To Get Into The Retail Motor Industry – Part 5

Aptitude tests An aptitude test is designed to determine an individual’s suitability for a role and to give the employer an idea if they would be successful. You may be asked to do one of these tests online at an interview or job trial. Most common aptitude tests: Numerical...
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Audi and Airbus Team Up to Develop Flying Cars

Audi and Airbus are teaming up to conceptualise and develop flying cars, but not a flying car in the traditional sense. This vehicle, “Pop.Up Next”, is an Audi badged Italdesign-penned collaboration with Airbus to create a flying car. A quarter size model of the vehicle has been...
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Smart roads and driverless cars.

A deal signed this week will see organisations in the UK and America work together to develop the skills required to repair self-driving cars. According to the Financial Times, a memorandum of understanding signed by Michigan governor Rick Snyder and UK business minister Richard...
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