Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay Update To Offer Air-con and Seat Control

Apple plans to integrate air-con and seat control functions to its CarPlay interface for compatible vehicles. This new software integration would allow users to adjust their car’s climate-control settings and change their seat position through their device. Bloomberg reported...
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hyundai badge

Hyundai’s Solar Roof Charging System

Providing vehicles with additional electrical power, Hyundai launches its first car with solar roof charging system. This technology will be rolled out to other Hyundai vehicles in the coming years. Charging whilst driving, the solar technology can charge 30%-60% of the battery...
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Electric Vehicles

Young People Increase Interest in Electric Vehicles

According to data from, there has been a 40% increase in the number of youngsters taking part in electric vehicle driving experiences. There has been a huge increase in electric vehicle driving experiences for young people, some as young as 12! Operations...
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Audi and Airbus Team Up to Develop Flying Cars

Audi and Airbus are teaming up to conceptualise and develop flying cars, but not a flying car in the traditional sense. This vehicle, “Pop.Up Next”, is an Audi badged Italdesign-penned collaboration with Airbus to create a flying car. A quarter size model of the vehicle has been...
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